在老撾,給自己的任務(二):問路|Mission At 20. Laos Chapter.

20151202 mission 2


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詳談下才得知,原來他以往在中國湖南唸過五年書,所以會說挺流利的普通話。他跟我們談了些對中國的印象,也指出老撾經濟發展雖然落後,但本地人大多都很友善。最後更給了我們電話及 Facebook 說有甚麼可以問他。第一天就能交到可以溝通的朋友實在很興奮,頓時忘了肚餓的感覺,踏出了第一步除了有機會交個朋友外,也能得知網站及旅遊書上都看不到的資訊呢^^




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Mission 2: When you can’t find your destination, try to ask some locals which you can communicate with


When you travel, there must be some moments that you can’t find you destination or get lost. Instead of sticking to the map, it may be a good idea to ask for the help from locals.


On the first day we arrived at Vientiane, we would like to eat out after settling in the hotel. However, we couldn’t find any places to eat after walking for one and a half hour. Even if we saw some signage from restaurants, those restaurants were not opened since that day was Sunday. Instead of searching and walking along the streets for another hour, I decided to ask the locals there for some hints.


I walked into a shop selling electronic devices and asked the staff there. However, the girl couldn’t speak English and I tried to communicate using body language. Just then, the owner of the shop came out and talked to us in English. We were so excited about finding somebody who could communicate fluently with us. He asked whether we would like to find food from hawkers or some decent restaurants and I was so hungry that I didn’t mind eating anything! He drew a map for us and taught us the way in details.


I thought it was an interesting idea to make friends with the locals since we would stay here for so long time. Then I asked for his name and we introduced ourselves too. When he realised that we came from Hong Kong, he immediately changed his channel to Mandarin! It was so amazing! He told us that he had studied in Hunan Province in China for 5 years before so he could speak fluent Mandarin. He also shared his views towards China and told us that the Lao people were very nice and welcoming even though the country was still underdeveloped. At the end, he gave us his phone number as well as Facebook and told us to find him if we had any questions or difficulties. It was so nice of him.


It was so amazing that we could make a local friend who could communicate with us! Sometimes when we step out to talk with the locals, not only can we make some new friends, but we may also know some information which can’t be found on the tourist books.


(P.s. The girl on the left-hand side is my friend from HK)


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在 2015 年的下半年,我會到老撾的聯合國單位做義工。在老撾,有超過 50% 的人口是 25 歲或以下的,但當地對於義工等概念都比較貧乏,因此這次我是主要負責推廣青少年義工文化。


而從老撾回港約一星期後,我便去飛到丹麥的哥本哈根大學交流半年,唸一些 Major 以外的科目。






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