巴勒斯坦學生給我們的一封信|Laith Abu Ziad

20151128 巴勒斯坦


到英國留學、就讀人權碩士課程的香港學生 Hugo Chow,認識了來自巴勒斯坦耶路撒冷的同學 Laith Abu Ziad。近月以色列對巴勒斯坦軍事行動加劇,已造成大量死傷。面對以色列無理的侵佔與殘暴統治,文字成為了 Laith 僅有的武器。Laith 與 Hugo 都希望,包括華語世界在內,身處世上不同地方的人,都能表達對巴勒斯坦狀況的關注,作為對於以血肉之軀抵擋鐵碗與槍炮的人,一點哪怕是微小的支持。



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以色列的挑釁行為,至今已造成至少 27 名巴人喪生、超過 1200 人受傷。這些為對抗以色列不公義、殘暴佔領而付出寶貴生命的人,都有很多事想去完成,還有更好的人生計劃,甚至是僅僅想追看電視節目大結局而已。但對他們而言,已經不再重要了。






















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Dear all,


I have waited to write this note, to control my anger and hopelessness because I want my words to bring hearing and sight to the deaf and blind. I will not write about politics, strategy, history, or philosophy. I’m writing about my home.


Since the beginning of October, violence has erupted all over the Occupied Palestinian Territories as a result of the ongoing settler violence against Palestinians and Israel’s illegitimate target of the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound through limiting Palestinian access to the holy site, often in order to allow settlers to enter. These provocative actions have so far resulted in the death of more than 27 Palestinians and injured more than 1200. I could say that these people, who died fighting the injustice and brutality of the Israeli occupation, had a list of places to visit before they die or plan for a better life, even a TV show they have wanted to follow till the end, but it doesn’t matter anymore.


I’m writing this email because many of you know nothing about what is happening now in Palestine, and because even the smallest people can do something, can rebuild a broken home or at least learn how to mourn and remember. But you are not small people, I’m writing to you because you are all really big in love and generosity, and I want to ask you, for me and my people, to do something little today.


Write a poem, write to your local newspaper, tell your friends and family to light a candle, research the name of one of the people who was killed last night, or one that was left alive, and keep them with you, make a piece of music, send this email, send any email about what’s going on. Do one thing that will ripple through your street, neighborhood, or country, and most importantly, believe that one little thing will mean something.


I know for most of you these are news items, but this is my home. I have been mad at it for long, and I will continue to be critical and aware, but more importantly, I love it like we all love our messed up families. Having said that, I hope that you think about it, look in the mirror, and know that this pain is familiar, even if you have never heard gunshots or seen missiles falling.


My sisters and brothers in Palestine are dying. Yet, these people have names and we must know them. Callousness has led us to this day. More callousness will not lead us to a new day. The names and faces I know are not garbage. The God I know is not garbage. And so I ask for a shelter of peace, to mend and repair torn bodies and souls.


A shelter to pause. For I know a pause is all I can request. Politics and strategy and history and memory are for the future. A future uncertain and more so each day. But a pause, for my sisters and brothers in Palestine, for friends and loved ones. To remember that a home is not a news item and a body torn and shattered, bloodied and bruised has a name and a face and must be known.





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