Hong Kong should be for all Hong Kong people|街巷人物

20150824 封鎖恆基 3


I really appreciate their courage to come here in IFC and protest and voice out their concerns the way they do.  I also really support them in principle.  I appreciate that something she said, “who has power in Hong Kong ?"


The villagers , she said, don’t have power.  The people that have power are the rich and indigenous. I totally agree with that.  But what is Hong Kong for?  Hong Kong should be a place for all Hong Kong people but not a small segment of people .  But it seems to me that Hong Kong Government is doing something making rich people richer and provide a very small room for the rest of us to live in, to keep us working and make rich people richer.


Do not give up!  Never to doubt that a very small group of committed people can change the world.




我真的很欣賞他們今日在 IFC 行動的勇氣;對於他們的理念,我也十分支持。我最欣賞其中一位朋友所提出的:「誰掌握香港的權力?」





One thought on “Hong Kong should be for all Hong Kong people|街巷人物

  1. A big “Thanks!" to the organizers of this protest in IFC. As I approached and saw a crowd gathered with loudspeakers I thought to myself “Oh, here’s another fake promotional celebration – some new fashion outlet has opened or some such event" How my heart rushed when I discovered real people speaking from the heart about real issues that matter to the lives of HK people. Henderson Land’s persona is exposed by the shallowness and fakeness of most everything one can see in IFC Mall. They are dead in the heart. By contrast, the village this protest seeks to save is a living community with a heart that beats to the tune of laughing children, neighbourly chatting, the humming of insects at night and is lit by a moon, not blocked by monolithic cement skyscrapers. The cement skyscrapers the HK Government wishes to see built would in fact be tombstones marking the death of the Hong Kong human spirit!



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